Our Mission

To help startup teams actually get the interpersonal piece right so they can stay sane, do their best work, and continuously develop as people.

What We Do

We help startups and their leaders move forward in three ways: 1-1 individual coaching, group coaching programs focused on skill-building, and long-form retreats that spotlight old habits and illuminate new choices.


fort (fôrt) n. 1. a strong building or refuge; a place to restock and refuel; 2. a place where anything is possible, often made of pillows, blankets and overturned furniture 

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light (līt) n. a natural agent that makes things visible; ❖ v. to make visible; to illuminate; to ignite ❖ adj. absence of heaviness; joyous; playful    


We are the place you go when…


...you need to hunker down ahead of a battle—whether it’s a battle for the future of your company or a battle with your inner critic.

...you want to get stronger—here you can fortify yourself with skills, perspective and a protected space to focus on your growth.


...you’re unsure of your next move, and you’re looking for someone to shed light on the murky and ambiguous path ahead.

...your burdens have become overwhelming; we lighten your load and help you reconnect to a deeper sense of joy & fulfillment.


We are a place. But you won't find us on any map. Because we carry it with us wherever we go.