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Jared Simon

Co-Founder, HotelTonight

"Like many fast-growing tech startups, HotelTonight has many first-time managers who were previously individual contributors. Anamaria’s relationship with us began when she created a completely customized leadership coaching program for these new managers, combining group, individual and peer coaching. This was so successful..."

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Scott Zimmerman

Founder & CEO, Xola

"When Michael and I first spoke about company culture, I was struck by how thoughtfully he spoke about the nuances of effective communication and how company culture is defined as much by what we do not do, as it is defined by what we do..."

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Rachel Carlson

CEO & Co-Founder, Guild Education

"I’ve been fortunate to work with Anamaria before founding Guild (in a t-group at the Stanford GSB) and then throughout our journey from pre-seed through Post Series B, and onward! Her 1:1 coaching and founder retreats have proved invaluable for me..."

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Lucia Guillory

Head of People, Patreon

"I began coaching as an inveterate skeptic. Over the past 6 months of working with Michael, I’ve become convinced that it really works! Michael’s helped me unpack the deeply rooted beliefs that drive some of the behaviors I’ve tried and failed to change in the past..."

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Ilana Stern

CEO & Founder, Weddington Way

“Anamaria and I worked together at a very important stage of growth in my company (growing from 7 to 15 employees over a 6 month period), and she was an incredibly valuable advisor through that change..."

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Chetan Jhaveri

Co-Founder & COO, Sophia

"Michael has the rare gift of allowing the client to steer the conversation and develop insights, and yet he very much adds value and amplifies insights along the way. Many times I bring up things with him in the course of conversation that I am not necessarily..."

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