Who is eligible to participate in a weekend?

Advanced T-group Weekends are open to any startup leader who has participated in at least one T-group weekend before. A “startup leader” could be an early-stage founder, a startup CEO/senior executive or anyone who is responsible for leading and managing people at a startup. The weekend is open to leaders from startups of all sizes and companies at any stage. (Note: If you’re a startup leader who’s excited to do a T-group but hasn’t participated in one before, check out our T-group Weekend Retreats. If you’re fired up to do a T-Group weekend but don’t qualify as a startup leader at this time, please check out other introductory T-group weekend programs.)

How much does it cost?

The fee for the weekend is $5,000.
Note: a limited number of discounted registrations are available for startups that are cash-strapped or early-stage.

This fee includes:
1) Two expert facilitators to guide you through 22+ hours of T-group and 5+ hours of content/seminar discussion;
2) All meals, snacks, and accommodations;
3) A truly unique and unforgettable interpersonal learning experience.

What is the schedule like during the weekend?

Intense! We meet as a group: 11am-930pm on Thursday, 830am-9:30pm on Friday, 830am-9:45pm on Saturday, and 830am-3pm on Sunday. While there will be some time allocated to meal/coffee breaks and a daily “reflection/enjoy nature” break-–it’s very important that you don’t plan any work calls or other commitments during our time together. You will spend 22+ of these hours in T-group and 5+ hours in content/seminar in both large and small group settings.

Can others from my company participate with me?

We are open to having leaders from the same company join our Advanced T-group Weekends for two reasons: 1) Participants know what T-group is and how it works, so you can more accurately think through whether there’s enough safety and trust between you and another leader from your company to attend together; and 2) We run two separate T-groups simultaneously over the weekend so it’s easy to split leaders from the same company into different groups as needed.

If you and another leader from your company want to participate in the same weekend, please go ahead and both apply and we’ll follow up with you as we review your application.

How awesome will the food be?

Humble, but awesome. Eating food that makes you happy and keeps you healthy is a very important part of the weekend. We will survey participants in advance in order to accommodate any allergies/dietary restrictions. Costanoa operates a “general store” onsite should you wish to purchase additional food or drinks on your own. And—oh yes—we will be hosting a special s’mores night by the campfire on Saturday night!