May 10-11, 2018


Courtyard Marriott in Redwood City, CA


Day 1: 8:45am - 10pm, meals and your own private room provided
Day 2: 9am - 5pm, meals provided


Learn the skills to be an effective startup manager during this two-day group coaching experience alongside talented peers from other growing companies. In addition to learning in the full group setting, you'll have a chance to work in subgroups with other managers from your same functional area (engineering, product, sales, etc.) throughout the experience.

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If your company would like to send over 4 managers, please contact us here to get a group discount. Click the same link if you’d like to exploring bringing our program in-house for all of your managers.

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Your participation in this program, including the payment of your participation, is not canceled or refundable, if in case you can not attend as planned, you can find a replacement participant. In these cases, we will refund you the participant fee and give our place to the new participants.