How much does it cost?

The fee for the weekend is $4000.
Note: a limited number of discounted registrations are available for startups that are pre-Series A.

This cost includes:
1) Two expert facilitators to guide you through 20+ hours of T-group and 5-10 hours of content/seminar discussion;
2) All meals, snacks, and accommodations;
3) A truly unique and unforgettable interpersonal learning experience.

Who is eligible to participate in a weekend?

Our T-group weekends are open to any startup leader who is interested in learning more about interpersonal dynamics, feedback and emotion regulation through a unique and intense experiential learning process. A “startup leader” could be an early-stage founder, a startup CEO/senior executive or anyone who is responsible for leading and managing people at a startup. The weekend is open to leaders from startups of all sizes and ventures at any stage. (Note: If you’re fired up to do a T-Group weekend but don’t qualify as a startup leader at this time, please check out other introductory t-group weekend programs.)

Can others from my company participate with me?

For the most part, we prefer to have only one participant from a given company per retreat. We have found that the absence of other work relationships really helps participants open up and take the risks they want to over the weekend, without having to worry about what their colleague is thinking.

Occasionally, we allow two people from the same company to participate if they meet the following criteria: 1) Their relationship is strong and they are not wanting to use the weekend as a forum to hash out longstanding differences or conflicts and 2) They are at the same level of the organization (neither reports to or has management status over the other). If you’re a founder and you and your co-founder (or you’re a VP and you and another VP, etc) want to participate in the same weekend, please go ahead and both register and we’ll follow up with you as we review your registration.