Upcoming Weekends:

February 7-10, 2019 | Castro Valley, CA (FULL)
March 21-24, 2019 | San Leandro, CA

Programs Start: Thursday @ 4:00pm
Programs End: Sunday @ 5:30pm

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How can a T-group Weekend help me?

A T-group weekend is kind of like a hackathon: intense focus and long hours over a single weekend. Lots of experiments and iteration that drive quick learning. A gathering of super smart, highly skilled and deeply passionate people who may have never worked together before.

The only difference is that instead of writing code and building prototypes, you’re learning about your long-standing interpersonal patterns and your communication habits so that you can grow as a leader. In a T-group, the product you are building is you—a more self-aware, emotionally intelligent and effective-startup-leader version of yourself.

After joining us for a T-group Weekend you will learn immediately applicable skills and insights like:

1When and how you are most influential to others

2What other people (really) think and feel about how you act and how you lead

3What behaviors or attitudes from others trigger specific emotional responses from you

4How to give feedback that actually motivates others to change their behaviors

5How to express your emotions in a way that will elicit the response you want from your teammates/co-founders

6How to regulate your emotions so you neither repress your feelings nor let your emotions undermine your leadership

The “T” stands for “Training”

In T-groups, you learn by doing rather than through theoretical study

T-groups are experiential interpersonal laboratories pioneered at MIT by one of the founders of modern social psychology, Kurt Lewin, and further developed at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), which is where Fort Light's founders trained as facilitators. Stanford has been using T-groups to train MBAs for over 50 years through its legendary Interpersonal Dynamics aka “Touchy Feely” course.

What Is A T-Group?

Role of T-Group Facilitators

T-Group Takeaways

Weekend FAQs:

Additional Questions?

We're here to help!

If you have any other questions about T-groups or our retreat weekend format, just drop us a note. 

According to our participants:

Stephane Kasriel

CEO, Upwork

“We keep saying that defining culture is the most important role of a startup executive, and yet most of us tend to forget the emotional component of startup culture. Startup life is a continuous rollercoaster and a marathon, and we need to be in touch with our own feelings as well as understand others’ in order to succeed. T-Group will help you grow these skills.”

Jeff Scheur

Founder & CEO, NoRedInk

“Thanks to my T-group members, and to Michael and Anamaria, for helping me have an unforgettable experience. I’m a better leader because of it.”

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KJ Erickson

Founder & CEO, Simbi

"T-Group was probably the highest ROI way I could have spent 3.5 days: for the health of my company, the happiness of the amazing individuals who work here, and for my own ability to create and sustain meaningful relationships."

Sonali Kothari

COO / CPO, Kiva

"I recommend this weekend intensive to experience transformation, not just talk about it."

Jack Conte

Founder & CEO, Patreon

"This workshop was the single best workshop I've ever participated in. The value for me and my company will be lasting. I feel so lucky to have experienced this."

Vanessa Green

Co-founder, FINsix

“T-Group provides an excellent foundation for growing as a leader of your business. It builds awareness of leadership strengths and blind spots, builds authenticity, and strengthened my belief that I am a leader worth following.”

Greg Tseng

Co-founder, Tagged & if(we)

“By connecting better with yourself and your thoughts and feelings, you will be able to connect much better with your co-founders, team, investors, and all other people on your journey. This will increase the chance of your startup’s success and make the journey much more enjoyable and meaningful.”

Stephanie Shyu

Founder & CEO, AdmitSee

“T-group provides one of the only environments that grants you true, unfiltered insight into how you influence and are perceived by other people.”

Ben McKean

Founder & CEO, HungryRoot

"Wow. Eye opening. I loved it."