Upcoming Weekends:

2020 Dates - TBD
Costanoa Lodge, Pescadero, CA

Program Starts: Thursday @ 11:00am
Program Ends: Sunday @ 3:00pm

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What is Advanced T-group Weekend?

Our Advanced T-group Weekend is an opportunity for you to double down on the learning you began during your last T-group. You'll be in a group with other startup leaders who have also done a T-group before--so you will all be able to hit the ground running on Day One. "15% risks" for this group will look different than they did last time because participants have been there before, and they're coming back to push themselves (and you) to learn even more.

This weekend is based on the same powerful T-group format with which you're familiar, but will feature: new exercises, new content lectures, a new venue, and (most importantly) a new group with new dynamics to explore. What's more is that this weekend will feature two separate T-groups running in parallel so there will be even more people to meet and learn from. Co-founders/teammates from the same company will now finally have a chance to participate in a T-group experience over the same weekend. Expect to leave this weekend having pushed your interpersonal learning like you never have before, and be better equipped to translate T-group lessons into your company and day-to-day life.

Hear from Past Participants

Check out this video to learn more about Advanced T-group from other startup founders and leaders. A few highlights:

  • Reasons these leaders came back to T-group and what they learned

  • A sneak peak at some of the deeper topics we cover in Advanced T-group

  • Getting a sense of beautiful Costanoa

  • Hearing one founder share that the T-group experience was more helpful than her two years at business school

Expand the knowledge-base you started building during your last T-group:

1When and how you are most influential to others

2What other people (really) think and feel about how you act and how you lead

3What blind spots (or other choices) you have for how you respond to your own emotions and the emotional expressions of others

4How to give, receive and elicit feedback in ways that are more powerful and more insightful

5How to foster the dynamic safety necessary for groups to perform effectively

6How to approach struggles that you (or others) might face with shame, intimacy, dependency or worthiness

While Supplies Last!

With hundreds of T-group weekend alums eligible for just a handful of spots, we are often over-subscribed. We evaluate applications on a first-come, first-serve basis...

...so apply as soon as you can to maximize the chance that you get a spot. Advanced T-group Weekend takes place at the beautiful Costanoa Lodge in Pescadero, CA, right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Can't wait to have you join us for an upcoming weekend!

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