We help startup teams actually get the interpersonal piece right so they can stay sane, do their best work, and
continuously develop as people.


Our clients work with us to make drastic improvements in the way they lead, manage, listen, confront, give feedback, interact with their emotions, make decisions, build their teams, focus their attention, manage their boundaries, present their ideas, and make sense of their experiences.

Our Services

1:1 Coaching

Our 1:1 leadership coaching provides targeted intervention, growth, and support in the areas you need it most.

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Manager Training

One of the largest pain points scaling startups face is helping their talented ICs become talented managers. We can help.

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Team Training & Coaching

We will help you strengthen your cultural values and desired team dynamics through a recurring series of onsite trainings and custom offsites.

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T-group Leadership Development

Join us for a transformative leadership growth experience based on the legendary Interpersonal Dynamics course at the Stanford GSB.

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What Our Clients Would Tell Ya’

Like many fast-growing tech startups, HotelTonight has many first-time managers who were previously individual contributors. Anamaria’s relationship with us began when she created a completely customized leadership coaching program for these new managers, combining group, individual and peer coaching. This was so successful, we invited her back to create a group coaching program for the entire company…Our team, from top to bottom, has learned more about themselves and has become more comfortable and confident in their relationships with other team members, whether in terms of collaboration, feedback or management.

Jared Simon

Co-Founder and COO, HotelTonight

When Michael and I first spoke about company culture, I was struck by how thoughtfully he spoke about the nuances of effective communication and how company culture is defined as much by what we do not do, as it is defined by what we do. I admittedly had not given much attention to shaping our culture, though was urged to consider how this is one of the most valuable assets of a young startup. A company with strong vision and invigorating culture is as important as the ideas you pursue. Michael's advice helped me identify areas where and how communication among team members could be improved, which helped us execute better as a team.

Scott Zimmerman

CEO, Xola

Anamaria and I worked together at a very important stage of growth in my company, and she was an incredibly valuable advisor through that change…I trust Anamaria completely and always appreciated her intent listening, thoughtful questions and open mind as she helped me face key people management challenges as our team doubled in size over a short period of time.

Ilana Stern

CEO and Founder, Weddington Way

Michael has been a phenomenal coach and mentor. He is one of the best listeners I have ever met. Over the course of weeks, Michael helped me get unstuck and make progress on a difficult issue that I had faced for half a year without much success. I look forward to each and every session with Michael because I know I will walk away more confident, empowered, and prepared to tackle the difficult conversations and challenges ahead.

Lily Cheng

Founding Creative Director, Lark Technologies


At Fort Light, we believe in bringing our full selves to work. That simple humanity is what enables us to speak honestly, challenge courageously, and be successful as a company and as people. We help our clients do the same.